Paul for Vancouver City Council

Help me campaign today for a better tomorrow, I'd appreciate your vote on August 6th!

The Platform



 The lack of affordable housing is daily affecting more and more residents of Vancouver. While we need to keep looking for ways to develop lower cost housing, minimum wage jobs in our community can’t pay for the rising cost of living. Bringing in higher wage jobs for our workforce should be part of any solution attempting to solve housing affordability issues.



For the past 15 years, I have actively worked hard to support the  growth of our small businesses, our nonprofits and other projects  promoting economic growth in Vancouver.  I have worked to bring job seekers and employers together.  

I understand many of the issues and challenges 

facing Vancouver and am committed to 

working together to find solutions. 



 Vancouver has a proud and long heritage that is unique and must be preserved. Fort Vancouver’s history goes back to our earliest Western settlements and Pearson Airfield is a nationally recognized historic airfield. These and other historic locations around Vancouver are treasured community assets that contribute to Vancouver’s unique character and charm,
and must be maintained. 

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